Wednesday, February 10, 2016
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* represents people who are easy to find in most encyclopedias.

* Jane Addams
* John P. Altgeld
Mary Anderson
Sarah Bagely
Leonora Marie Barry
* Mary McLeod Bethune
Joseph Buchanan
* Cesar Chavez
* Tennesse Claflin
* Eugene Debs
Mary Dreier
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
* William Z. Foster
* Samual Gompers
* William Green
Bill Haywood
Joe Hill (Joe Hillstrom)
* Jimmy Hoffa
Mary Harris Jones (Mother Jones)
Florence Kelly
* John L. Lewis
Frank Little
Peter J. McGuire
* George Meany
Isaak Myers
* John Mitchell
* Phillip Murray
Agnes Nester
Albert Parsons
Lucy Parsons
* Francis Perkins
Rose Pesotta
Terrence Powderly
* A. Phillip Randolph
* Walter Reuther
Elixabeth Rogers
August Spies
Alzina Stevens
Ira Steward
Adolph Strasser
Lizzie Swank
William Sylvius
* Victoria Woodhull
Levenia Wright
"And I long to see the day when Labor will have the destiny of the nation in her own hands and she will stand as a united force and show the world what the workers can do." --- Mary Harris "Mother" Jones, 1830-1930

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