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Illinois Labor History Society

Haymarket Teaching Guide

Haymarket Teaching Guide

This is a guide to The Day Will Come, a booklet detailing the events of the Haymarket Affair. As co-authors, we have put together suggested activities, challenge questions, predictions and research ideas to help students better understand the history of the labor movement in the United States and how it has influenced labor movements internationally. We encourage those who use this guide to add more ideas, activities, and research questions to facilitate more knowledge and critical thinking about these important issues.

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Lynn Allen - Taught Social Studies at Unity High School in Chicago, is presently the administrator of the Multicultural Education Department in Oak Park Elementary School District 97, and co-teaches a class on Human Rights and The Holocaust for Oak Park teachers.

Gale Liebman - Taught in Oak Park Elementary District 97 as a special education teacher from 1982-2007. Presently, she co-teaches a class on Human Rights and The Holocaust for Oak Park teachers and is a consultant for Changing Worlds, a not for profit working in the schools to promote literacy through writing and the arts.

Jacquelin McCord Harris - Taught in Chicago Public Schools as a high school Social Science teacher. She was a city-wide Administrator and the Social Science Manager for Chicago Public Schools and an Instructional Coach. She is the author of three children's books.

Mark Rogovin - Is the editor of the booklet, The Day Will Come. He was a muralist and co-founder of the Peace Museum and the Historical Society of Forest Park