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Illinois Labor History Society

Music and Book Reviews

Rockin' With Mother Jones


The CD benefits the Mother Jones Monument over her grave, recently restored with the fund-raising efforts of the Illinois AFL-CIO.

Most of the 35 songs here are in a country or folk vein, some very traditional, others more contemporary in their sound.  

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The Devil is Here in These Hills, by James Green


Too often working people and their efforts for a voice and dignity get lost; particularly rural workers are stereotyped.  Green breaks through this to show a multi-ethnic workers’ community, united in seeking democracy, not only in politics, but also on the job, and bravely willing to shed blood to win it.

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Anywhere But Utah by Bucky Halker


Joe Hill has never died” -- if you are of a certain generation, you remember Woodstock and Joan Baez singing an “organizing song” about some guy named Joe Hill.

Joe Hill was real -- a Swedish immigrant who became a vocal union organizer, executed by Utah in 1915, charged with a murder which many claim was trumped up.

Joe Hill wrote songs and parodies, drew cartoons, and trumpeted the radical early 20th century labor union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).  


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