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Illinois Labor History Society

Anywhere but Utah: Songs of Joe Hill


Anywhere but Utah: Songs of Joe Hill


Anywhere but Utah: Songs of Joe Hill


Everywhere, Including Utah, Needs to Hear This

ByCeltic Goddesson December 6, 2015

A tremendous recording by Bucky Halker - a terrific singer-songwriter who deserves greater renown. Here, though, he's recorded songs of the labor martyr, Joe Hill, who was executed by the State of Utah in 1915. Halker strikes a balance of both making these songs as modern as ever while respecting their period. Much of it transports you to an early 20th C. music hall, especially Stung Right, The Tramp, Mr. Block and, most especially, My Dreamland Girl. Two tracks - The Preacher and the Slave and Workers of the World Awaken - include the Swedish Men's Chorus, giving the feel of being in an old-time labor hall. The balance of the tracks play to Halker's strength as an acoustic folk rocker, most especially on Rebel Girl and the disc's rollicking closer, There Is Power In A Union. The closing track is so strong that it may easier to just set your player on repeat. It's that good.

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