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Chicago's Pilsen Neighborhood

Chicago Pilsen0001.jpg
Chicago Pilsen0001.jpg

Chicago's Pilsen Neighborhood


The book is not only a great collection of images, that include photography, vintage postcards, historic maps, facade designs, drawings, front covers of publications (among them, the Chicago Reader's "Who Killed Rudy Lozano?"), and treasured information, all about Pilsen (Plzen in Czech). You can find graphic/written references to Antonin Dvorak, Damaso Perez-Prado, Carl Sandburg, Cantinflas, César Chávez, as well as many contemporary artists. This research is a valued document, graphically attractive, with punctual information about the urban/demographic changes in this point of entry for immigrants, occurred from the first settlers Marquette and Joliet, to the heritage left within its walls by Croatians, Slovenians, Germans, Lithuanians, Poles, Italians, Czechs, and in the last years, Mexicans and other Latinos.

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